Create a life more beautiful than your brand.

— A former magazine owner learns how to homestead with her family, in Oklahoma.

When we were first married my husband Nate and I set a vision to live on land raising children and chickens. You know, the kind of life where at the end of the day you've got to hose the whole family off before coming inside? While we waited, I started a magazine called Cottage Hill—a consistently sold-out, internationally distributed publication. Then, people started paying me to help them with their business so I created a curriculum for small business owners called Editor's Course.

We found our dream property in 2015, and I sold my businesses in 2019. Occasionally I'll coach a business owner or speak at a conference, but now, my days are mostly filled with farm chores across 100+ acres we share with the family alongside our two daughters Hadley Raine and Opal Everly. We raise Babydoll Sheep, Charolais cattle, chickens and horses and are starting our gardens soon. Our dream? To run a true operation called Everly Raine & Co. Click the button below to read the full story!

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Laura Kashner
Owner of WhitespacE Magazine

Client Success Story

“Katie is hands down the best investment I've made in my five years of being a creative entrepreneur.”

Jenna Kutcher
Goal Digger Podcast

Kind Words

“Katie is an exceptional leader who helps people get back to the heart of why they are doing what they are doing.”

Michelle Boyd
Artist & Photographer

Professional Review

“Cottage Hill will change the way artists work and create new art from the ground up. It will change everything.”

Hannah Ashford
Owner of Sweet Yield Studio

Course Student

“I would have gladly paid twice the price
because it (Editor's Course™) is so well curated and taught.”

Katie Carpenter
Co-Owner of Ever Something

Client Success Story

“Since working with Katie our profits
(profits, not just revenue) have doubled.”

Kacey Gilpin

Client Success Story

“Katie is the perfect coach. She's encouraging, experienced, relatable, and insightful.”


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