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From internationally recognized magazine owner to aspiring rancher
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In 2011, my husband Nate and I set a vision to live on land. You know, the kind of life where at the end of the day you've got to hose the whole family off before coming inside? While we waited, I started a print magazine called Cottage Hill—a consistently sold-out, internationally distributed publication. After several years of small business success, I created an online education program for creative entrepreneurs called Editor's Course.

Eventually, we found our dream property and I sold my businesses. Now my days are filled with farm chores across the 100+ acres we share with our family, alongside our two daughters. We raise sheep, cattle, chickens and horses and are starting our family garden soon. Our dream? To build our ranch, and create a space for our family, and our community. If you'd like more updates on our country life, join the email list below!

Wife, mother, and aspiring rancher in Oklahoma.

Michelle Boyd


“(She) will change the way artists work and create new art from the ground up. It will change everything.”

Katie Carpenter

Past Client

“Since working with Katie our profits
(profits, not just revenue) have doubled.”

Kacey Gilpin

Past Client

“Katie is the perfect coach. She's encouraging,
experienced, relatable, and insightful.”

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Greater things may not be bigger things for you. You may deep down, have dreams that seem small, but to you mean the world. I get that. Could I invite you to a different idea?

Stop looking to the right and left. You're not going to find what you're looking for there, and no matter how hard you work, you'll be disappointed. It's time to stop playing small, and by that I mean small-minded. It's time to redefine success and pursue it your own way.

While I currently do not consult with small businesses anymore, you can learn from me in my signature program Editor's Course.
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