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I publish beautiful stories and manage a hobby ranch in Oklahoma.

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Katie O. Selvidge is the founder and owner of Cottage Hill and co-founder and co-owner of Cottage Hill Ranch with her husband Nate. Through all of her work, she firmly believes in creating a life more beautiful than your brand.

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Behind the scenes stories of life on the ranch while managing multiple businesses and family.

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Work with Me

Alongside my publishing business, I also enjoy providing select consulting, speaking and writing services.

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The Creative Well is the call-in podcast show covering the hard and heart issues of running a creative business. 

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Cottage Hill

Founded in 2013, Cottage Hill celebrates the art of wholehearted living through home, entertaining, lifestyle, and travel inspiration. Named after a road in Katie's hometown and inspired by her family, Cottage Hill encourages its community to live a life worthy of an elegant and meaningful legacy.

While Cottage Hill started as a successfully-funded Kickstarter project, it became an award-winning, internationally-distributed magazine selling out within weeks of each of the four annual issues' debut.

Now Katie leads other select books and magazines through the self-publishing process, giving them more artistic and financial control. To be considered for this process, please use the contact form below.

Cottage Hill also provides daily inspiration on social media, weekly features on the blog and a new venture debuting Fall 2018.

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Cottage Hill will change the way artists work and create new art from the ground up. It will change everything. Every detail for our shoot was meaningful, purposeful, and fit within the overall vision. It's no longer about just making something look pretty—it's about sharing a deeper meaning, based on a story, which naturally evolves into a beautiful collection of art.” - Michelle Boyd, artist & photographer



Alongside her publishing work, Katie provides consulting and education-based services such as the following:

  • freelance writing for creative and agricultural publications,

  • reviewing books, courses, and other magazines,

  • speaking at creative workshops and retreats,

  • providing interviews for various press,

  • leading her creative business program Editor's Course,

  • answering questions on her call-in podcast, The Creative Well, (coming soon)

  • and consulting for select small businesses.

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“Katie is your girl. She is hands down the best investment I've made in my five years of being a creative entrepreneur.” - Laura Kashner, graphic designer & magazine owner

Katie is the perfect coach. She's encouraging, experienced, relatable, and insightful. She is extremely efficient with her time (and yours) and is always discernible about business, consumers, and people. Katie provided insights not only for business and marketing but also personal encouragement. She is not just interested in your time and money but has an interest in who you are as a person, why you are doing what you're doing, and how she can use what she knows to help you succeed.” - Kacey Gilpin, photographerworkshop co-founder

When someone asks me for the best business advice I can give, you'll here me say, 'Walk through Editor's Course with Katie O. Selvidge. It's all there.' I've been a part of other courses, listened to the podcasts and read the books—'all the things' that us creative entrepreneurs are supposed to be doing. Editor's Course has been a breath of fresh air in this entrepreneurial atmosphere...I know what kind of an investment education is, especially at the beginning of a business but I remember telling myself during month two that...I would gladly pay twice the price because it is so well curated and taught.” - Hannah Ashford, brand designer & creative dance studio owner

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Cottage Hill Ranch

Nothing matters more than family—not just leaving a legacy, but living a legacy. In 2018, Katie and her husband Nate decided to pursue a long-awaited dream of running a small hobby ranch at their home in Oklahoma. However, Cottage Hill Ranch will be more than the family's haven, but also, for friends, creatives and their local community.

More details on Cottage Hill Ranch arriving Fall 2019. In the meantime, follow Katie's Instagram to watch the journey.






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