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How to "Call-in" to the Show


I Started DJ'ing When I Was 10...

Sort of. Growing up, my mom would listen to talk radio on the way to ballet class or my brother's hockey games. Of course, I thought it was pretty boring, but at 10-years-old my best friend Gina and I decided to make our own radio show.

We recorded our own show on a cassette tape discussing what we thought was important, like a review of The Parent Trap, and we even recorded our own songs and commercials. It was way better than NPR, we thought.

When I decided to create my creative business podcast, The Creative Well, I knew I wanted a call-in feature just like those radio shows.

I was doing a lot of Instagram Lives and getting so many questions on DM about running a business, but I just felt like there wasn't enough room to message back or do a Live just to have it disappear.

For several months I resisted making a podcast. Many of my clients encouraged me to do it. They jokingly call me their 'Business Therapist' and I almost called it Business Therapy, but I felt like that didn't speak to the creative element.

And to be honest, there are so many good podcasts out there for entrepreneurs and girl bosses (check out my interview with my friend Jenna on her Goal Digger Podcast)...I wanted to bring a different conversation.

I wanted to talk less about how to run a successful creative business and more about why you should focus on how it serves your life and if your 'how' is supporting your overall wellness.

Trust me, I know it's not a popular conversation and to be fully transparent, I don't have any dreams for this little podcast to climb the charts or anything. But it is an important conversation, and even if my episodes lights a flame for just one listener, it makes it worth.

The Creative Well is definitely a passion project—I even laughed out loud when a friend asked what my strategy was for it. Um, I just really want to talk about things that I care about with some of my creative friends who I think are really smart. And...hopefully it helps some people!

It is so important to have passion projects in your life. As entrepreneurs it's easy to want to try to make money at everything you do, that's just how we're wired.

But it's interesting and healthy to have a few things that just make you happy and nothing else.


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Want to ask a question call-in style?

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Record your question in the Voice Memo app on your phone. Any voice recording app will do!

2. Click the appropriate 'share' button and email your question to

3. I'll follow up within a few days to let you know if your question will be featured.

If so, I may ask a clarifying question to make sure I've understood your question.

And if it's not featured, I'll send you a quick voice memo back with an answer or direct to you to some content or someone else who may provide a better answer!

That's all!

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