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I’ve decided monthly newsletters work best for me, and my favorite time of the month is the new moon. I’m not into astrology, but a few months ago I started these two traditions with the moon.

On full moons, I like to imagine the moon like a giant flashlight—which on our ranch it does act like a giant flashlight! My daughter Hadley and I cuddle on the couch and watch it rise over the creek behind our house. I like to imagine just like the moon shines through the darkness so we can see the coop, some of the animals; so do we need a regular check-in to shine light into our darkness and see what’s hiding.

This is the day, I’ll sit down and journal anything ‘ugly’ I’ve been holding on to and let my writing be my way of letting go so I can move on. Then that evening, again, usually with Hadley and sometimes Nate, we’ll watch the moon and talk about everything we’re grateful for. Hadley is usually most grateful for the animals and swimming.

On new moons, I think of them as a clean slate. And I love that, because they don’t usually land at the beginning of the month or on a Monday like you’d want most of your goal-setting things to be. New moons are often at odd times of the month. And, they are my permission to start-over or start-anew on anything that just isn’t working like it should.

I’d like my newsletter to be a reminder to you, that it doesn’t matter what day it is or what you’re doing, you can always start anew and make things right—in business, in your spiritual practice, in health, in relationships, whatever.

As the queen of inbox zero—I’m only subscribed to TWO newsletters—if my newsletter is going to interrupt your day, I want to make sure that it is worth it. That means I’m keeping all my news and updates quick, to-the-point and of high-value. If there’s something you want to share thoughts on or ask? Simply subscribe, reply to my emails and comment below.

Let’s keep it simple.