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3 Ways to Work With Me

3 Ways to Work with Katie O. Selvidge

Simple, Fun & Effective

*Note: This is Part Three of a 3-part series on Education. Check out Part One here and Part Two here.

Want to work with me? I've made it simple and easy for you!

1. Editor's Course

I recommend this first, always, because it is truly the most (& only) comprehensive learning program for creatives that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about creating a business that serves your life, not the other way around.

Price: $2,650

This include the 20-module online course, a 2-day mastermind retreat, 2 strategy sessions, group coaching, and an accountability partnership.

If I taught everything in EC in 1:1 sessions it would cost you $20,000+. Those on the waiting list get early bird access and a $200 discount. Get on it here. Be sure to sign up before October 20th.

Public enrollment access opens in November.

2. Strategy Session

Have a specific goal or challenge and need some personal attention? Let's hop on a 45-minute call and work through it together, followed by one follow-up email to make sure we covered everything you need to move forward.

Price: $250

Price will increase to $300 for any sessions booked after November 1.

3. Mini Session

Have a quick question or just need to power through a brainstorm with someone discerning? This 20-minute call may be quick—about the time it takes for you to run out for a coffee and back—, but super powerful. Come ready to make decisions and move on. That's why I jokingly call this one, Coaching in Cars with Katie Getting Coffee, ha!

Price: $100

Price will increase to $150 for any sessions booked after November 1.

3 Ways to Work With Me |

Before deciding anything, I'd love to hear from you and I'd love to help you navigate which option may be best for your needs and budget. Plus, it helps me see if we're a good fit. Or keep reading if you want to know even more..

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Why We Should Work Together

Unparalleled Experience

Leading an internally-distributed, award-winning, consistently sold-out print publication is what people know me for—being the Owner and Founding Editor of Cottage Hill. But what many people don't realize is that not only do I have a lot of business experience, but my life before the magazine world was quite different.

I was a professional ballerina and choreographer during that time, I studied the science of creativity. Meaning, I wasn't just an artist, but I studied what makes a piece of art successful or not, or what makes one artist more creative than another. There is, in fact, a science behind it all and it can be hacked into quite easily.

From my experience I can't help but each student or client wholly—meaning, I look at each student or client as both a business owner and as a creative. And to be a successful creative business owner—financially fulfilled, creatively fulfilled, personally fulfilled—your education must continuously serve both the business and creative side of you. 

I Know a Lot

That probably sounds silly, but it's true.

As an editor, I was seen as a neutral person in the industry—not a real competitor to anyone. And I think because of that, and hopefully because people do naturally trust me, many creatives shared openly with me about their business, their successes and their failures.

Not just in what was shared (and kept) in confidence, but from working first-hand with such a diverse group of talented creatives I have seen all kinds of creative businesses succeed and fail and there are patterns, there are methods that work and don't work in each discipline.

My Methods are Proven

I built a real business before becoming an educator. And that business found success multiple times, beyond the 3x I mentioned in Part Two of this series. I don't just have empathy for both service and product-based businesses, but I completely understand their challenges and know what works and doesn't work...and it's been proven.

But not just for me, but also for my clients...

Meet Editor's Course Alum Chelsey Ann

Makeup Artist

Before: Chelsey is a (phenomenal) makeup artist in Oklahoma City. Before taking Editor's Course in 2017, the re-joining as an alum in 2018, Chelsey expressed overwhelm in her work. She wanted more balance while pursuing her goal of more editorial work and a dream of having her own brick and mortar shop.

After: You can find Chelsey's work on the covers of People Magazine and The Pioneer Woman Magazine as well as in Darling and Cottage Hill. She also just this month started construction on her new brick and mortar shop Salt & Water.

“Editor's Course is the heart and soul work of your company. It has taught me specific techniques in every category of business.”



Meet 1:1 Client & Editor's Course Alum Laura Kashner

Graphic Designer & Magazine Owner

0Retouched-0059 (1).jpg

Before: Laura is a gifted graphic designer and had previously worked with some big names in the creative industry. However, she had a dream to create her own magazine. With those big dreams, she didn't want to lose her sense of margin and family time with two little girls and another on the way.

After: Issue one of Laura's Whitespace Magazine debuted debt-free and sold out within weeks of its launch. Laura also consolidated her design business to only focus on high-performing work that provided her with the income she needed without sacrificing family time. And, her family welcomed their third, adorable!, baby girl in the process.

“Katie has totally changed my perspective on life-visioning. I now approach goal-setting in a completely new way by focusing on how I want to feel, instead of what I want to achieve. Over the past year, with the help of Katie's incredible Assured & Well process (and many other exercises that I haven't seen anywhere else!) I've been able to clearly identify the life I want to live, the legacy I want to leave and what success looks like in my business. I'm forever grateful!”



Meet Editor's Course Alum Monica Johnson


Before: Monica shared that she had many dreams and goals. There was so much she wanted to do it was confusing and paralyzing, keeping her from a sustainable path with her consistent role as a photographer.

After: The format of the online learning modules helped Monica restructure her goals in a way that wasn't overwhelming, but encouraging. She now has confidence in her dreams and her voice to pursue them in a thriving, not striving, mentality.

“Editor’s Course helps you better understand yourself as a business owner and track your progress. It helped me think ahead of the game instead of getting stuck.”

Interested in working together? Not sure if Editor's Course or one of my 1:1 sessions is the best fit? Message me through the button below and let me know what's going on, and I'll be glad to help you out!

Oh, you want more? Keep scrolling...

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How I'm Different

I'm Honest

You may be thinking, shouldn't all educators be honest? Yes, but sometimes it's scary to tell someone hard truths, even as educators. But for me, I know that saying something difficult to a client that will serve them in the long-term is worth the risk.

I would rather be the person who tells you have a workshop addiction, than your accountant. I would rather be the person who says your obsession with your competitors is making your work suck, than your clients. I would rather be the person who tells you your contracts you copied and pasted off the Internet are bogus, than you dealing with a potential lawsuit.

It comes off as tough love, but it's because I actually care. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing incredible potential in a creative business owner go to waste because the people who love them are to afraid to speak a hard truth. I'll do it.

The world needs the beauty only you can create. And I don't want you to waste your talent, or your life.

I Actually Care

Again, shouldn't all educators care? Most do. Some don't. I only take a handful of calls a week because I know that even if I truly care about a client, I do not have an endless amount of energy. And each call takes so much of my energy. I want to be careful I have the energy capacity to care for each client. Because I care, I actually work less.

(If you missed my Part Two about how to find a good educator click here. I should have added if they have a million clients at once and lots of calls all day, it's probably a sign they're in it for the money. No one can keep up like that and serve their clients well.)

I Believe in Real Results

What I mean by that is yes, I want to help you with blocks and clarity and all of those unseen, yet important, things. But I also want to make sure that when you invest in me, you get that investment back in your business with results you can actually see.

And nothing makes me more excited than getting messages from clients and students about their real results:


I Do Not Encourage Co-Dependency

I do not believe in and will not allow any co-dependency with my teachings.

Meaning, after you go through Editor's Course or we have a 1:1 session or two, I hope I do not hear from you again except to tell me of your success. And if you do need me, it's for something specific or new you may need help with, but again, you're not dependent on me. Sometimes a client will book monthly sessions while working through a project, but we both know there will be an end date, when they are ready to go at in on their own. They're well-equipped to move on.

I believe the best teachers are the ones who do not create followers or 'fans', but independent-thinking, confident leaders.

Meet 1:1 Client Kacey Gilpin

Photographer & Workshop Founder

1_1+Creative+Business+Coaching+with+Katie+O.+Selvidge+of+Cottage+Hill+Magazine+_+katieoselvidge 2.jpeg

Katie is the perfect coach. She's encouraging, experienced, relatable, and insightful. She is extremely efficient with her time (and yours), and is always discernible about business, consumers, and people.

Katie provided insights not only for business and marketing, but also personal encouragement. She is not just interested in your time and money, but has an interest in who you are as a person, why you are doing what you're doing, and how she can use what she knows to help you succeed.

After time with Katie, I have streamlined both my business marketing on social media, decreasing the time I spend with my content, and increasing my engagement. In a few short weeks I was able to raise my pricing and book more clients. I was also able to move forward with a new business plan in a way that I could never have conceived of on my own. Katie's expertise in this area were invaluable.”



Meet 1:1 Client and Editor's Course Alum Paige Hulse

Attorney for Creatives

1_1+Creative+Business+Coaching+with+Katie+O.+Selvidge+of+Cottage+Hill+Magazine+_+katieoselvidge (1) 2.jpeg

“Katie has helped my business in more ways than I can express. She not only taught me actionable steps on how to propel my business forward, but more importantly, she taught me how to be intentional in every aspect of my business. Her advice and coaching became the cornerstone of my business. Not only did this help me get my business started on sound footing, but it made me confident in the direction that my business is growing. I am convinced that working with Katie has been the best investment I made in my business.

Katie provides more than just generalized business advice. Through her coaching, she teaches you how to dig deep and get to the root of your intention behind your business. She helps you consider the "why" behind each business decision that you make, and by doing so, she helps you build the direction of your business with thoughtful intention. When you want to take your business in a new direction or prepare for growth, Katie will help you discover which intentional steps to take to succeed.

Katie's training for my business impacted my life on a personal level. By training me to think intentionally and to consider the "why" behind my decisions, I have seen this line of thinking influence how I make personal decisions as well. In a time of great change in my life, it has given me so much clarity both personally and in my business. Her kindness, insight, and direction have helped me grow my business with intention, and I am so thankful for her influence!”



Meet 1:1 Client & Editor's Course Alum Stephanie Abbitt

Creative Direction & Styling

1_1+Creative+Business+Coaching+with+Katie+O.+Selvidge+of+Cottage+Hill+Magazine+_+katieoselvidge (2) 2.jpeg

“I was desiring to dig deep; to work through my inner struggles when it came to my business because I was feeling quite lost. Katie helped me venture into places I had no idea were affecting me and my business. She related and challenged me in a way that was so unique to who I am as a person, and for that, I am forever grateful. I can say with confidence that she is, hands down, the best investment I have made and will ever make in my business.

I now have strategies to include in my daily routine that will keep me grounded and focused on what truly matters for me, my family, and my business. I also have a direction to move forward that will allow me to discover who I am and run my business unapologetically. I am able to discover more of my true self outside of all the noise!

She will provide you with encouragement to chase your dreams, to be accepting of the type of person you are, and to work at what is right for you. Katie exudes class- she is refreshing, enlightening, honest, empathetic, relational, and so much more. If you need direction, to be reminded of a deeper purpose, or practical, life-giving steps to create work that is true to you- Katie is exactly who you need!

“Create a Life More Beautiful Than Your Brand”

A Holistic Approach

I came up with this phrase to explain my philosophy on creating a business.

A business should enhance your life, not steal from your life.

A brand should be an extension of your life, not your life.

My perspective of business-building entirely relies on what kind of life you want to live. That's the foundation for every decision from pricing to marketing to process.

How is your business shaping your life into more of how you want to live?

Meet Editor's Course Alum Sarah Sunstrom


Before: Sarah shared that she had spent thousands on another coach and not only did she not see any improvement in her business, but it was suggested she spend more money on the coach's affiliate program. All she wanted was more balance and to be able to contribute to the family meaningfully—and a trip to Disney would be nice.

After: Sarah's profits have increased, her working hours have decreased. Her family welcomed their third daughter and this November, she is surprising her family with a trip to DisneyWorld!

“I previously spent thousands on a business coach and got nothing in return...but this was more valuable and more comprehensive than that 1:1 coach...I can't say enough wonderful things about Editor's Course. If you are on the fence, take the leap. You won't regret it.



Meet Editor's Course Alum Hannah Ashford

Brand Designer & Dance Studio Owner

Before: Hannah was working at her 9-5 job, ready to take the leap focusing on her design studio and pursue her dream of opening a creative dance studio.

After: Hannah left her 9-5 job, found more balance in her design studio and opened Sweet Yield Studio in the fall of 2017. This fall, Hannah starts construction on her own space for her dance studio.


“I know what kind of an investment education is, especially at the beginning of a business but I remember telling myself during month two that I would gladly pay twice the price because it is so well curated and taught.” 

Ready to take the leap and join the Editor's Course waiting list or go ahead and book a 1:1 session? Contact me below! I cannot wait to hear from you!

Not ready to take things to the next level and invest in your business?

I completely understand. And let me encourage you, don't let anyone shame you for not investing in your business because they don't know what you have going on in your life. You may be going through a family struggle, a hard season or something else personal keeping you from the leap. And that is OK. There is a season for everything.

I apologize for the educators who may have used fear or shame to get you to sign up for their programs. It unfortunately works, and in their favor, but I want to give you permission to wait if you need to wait...and not feel bad about it.

Will investing in your business transform your life? Absolutely. Should you procrastinate? Absolutely not.

But I'm not going to shout at you to sign up now, no matter how much I believe in what I teach and the unbelievable results of my clients and students.

If you're not ready to invest in your business, I'm not going to drop you, I'm going to give you some tips and encouragement to help you out in the meantime:

  • Sign up for my newsletter if you haven't already. It's free and you will be updated of all of my free teachings like blog posts and podcast episodes. I am the queen of inbox zero (I'm only subscribed to one business newsletter, it's this one) and I will not waste your time. I only email you once a month.
  • Join the Editor's Course waiting list. Why? Because if you have any questions, I can help you more over email. We have payment plan options too, and that may help you be able to join us sooner rather than later. I would encourage you to hurry on that one because I'm sending early bird information out soon.
  • Subscribe to The Creative Well podcast. This is where I'm sharing #legit, #realtalk, #educationwithoutpitching and sharing wisdom from some really smart friends in the industry. It's the closest you can get to working with me, but FREE.
  • Call in to The Creative Well podcast. Who knows?! Maybe you don't need a 1:1 session after all and you can get featured on the podcast too!

Does that sound good? I would love to work with you, but in the mean time, this is how I can help until you're ready to take your business to the next level. I'll be here whenever you need me!