Katie O. Selvidge

Are you ready to make 2019 your best, most intentional year yet?

Join ‘Edit My Course’ — the FREE 3-week challenge to getting your business in order for the New Year!

  • Set a clear vision, business model and brand strategy

  • Get clear on your business goals and confident in your legal set-up

  • Develop a money plan that works for you and serves your clients well

    It all begins on Monday, December 10th!

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 Because you don’t want to waste another year thinking of all the things you didn’t do, the things you missed out on or the memories you didn’t make, right?

Jump off that hamster wheel and let’s get it together, shall we?

Here’s how the challenge will work:


Week One - Starts 12/10

  • Define what really matters

  • Set a clear vision for 2019

  • Refine your business model to fit that vision

Plus, a FREE Masterclass on Facebook Live on Beyond Bubble Baths & Netflix: The 9 Elements of Self-Care for Maximum Personal & Professional Growth

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Week Two - Starts 12/17

  • Plan to make real money in 2019

  • Make sure you’re operating professionally

  • Attract your ideal client

Plus, a FREE Masterclass on Facebook Live with Paige Hulse Law on Don't Get Sued, or Copied or Ripped Off: How to Prevent All of These Things, Easily

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Week Three - Starts 12/24

  • Clarify your brand, making sure your life dreams and business dreams align

  • Develop a no-fail goal-setting plan

  • Close 2018 well to make room for 2019

Plus, a FREE Masterclass on Facebook Live on Quick Fixes to Little Problems That Can Turn Into Big Problems in 2019: You Ask, I Answer



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Meet Your Challenger

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Hi, I’m Katie.

I help overwhelmed business owners simplify, so they can move on to greater things. 

For the last five years I have started, managed and successfully grown three of my own businesses. You probably know me for my magazine and blog, Cottage Hill. Or perhaps, you’ve heard of my teachings at an event, through Editor’s Course or The Creative Well Podcast. Or, you may follow me on Instagram to watch my family and I start a small ranch in Oklahoma.

I am so excited to get you ready for 2019—your best year yet!

Are you ready to simplify, edit and enter the New Year with a real, solid game plan? Make sure you’re enrolled and I’ll see you inside!



In this FREE challenge you’ll receive:

  • 15 emails of action-based content

  • 3 FREE Masterclass Webinars

  • plus be entered for an exciting giveaway***

—what are you waiting for?


But that’s not all…


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 Want to fly home for the holidays, for FREE too? How does a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card sound, just for getting ‘all the things’ together for 2019?

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Here’s how to enter to win a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card:

  1. Enroll in the ‘Edit My Course’ Challenge.

  2. Read all of the emails and attend all 3 webinars.

  3. At the end of each email will be a poll or survey. Answer that day’s survey question and you’ll be entered to the giveaway!

  4. On Monday, December 31, 2018, the winner will be announced to the email list!

Here’s what I promise:

  1. I’m not selling anything with this challenge. I might recommend a service of mine (like Editor’s Course) or a friend’s, but this is not a sales promotion. I really want to help you get ready for 2019. You’re not going to be sitting through pitches, yuck—I wouldn’t do that to you.

  2. The survey questions are to help create better content for you. I’ll be asking what sort of education you would like more of, what content would you like to listen to on The Creative Well Podcast or what do you wish educators would talk about more. The goal is to help you and make your experience better.

  3. You will walk away from this challenge with more education than you have received from any other freebie you have ever been a part of…

So don’t waste anymore time and enroll now!



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