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Are You Ready?

  • Do you want to create a brand that supports your life, and not the other way around?
  • Are you tired of spinning your wheels: reading every blog, listening to every podcast, signing up for every course and attending every workshop—still, no progress?
  • Do you know that you are capable of so much more, just not sure how?
  • Have you made some great progress, but feel like it's time to take your business and work to the next level?
  • Do you feel like something is blocking you from what you really want?
  • Have you ever said, “One day, I'm going to work with Katie!”

If you answered 'yes' to any of these then, stop the excuses. The time for you to take care of yourself, your business, your family, what matters most is now. 

1:1 Creative Business Coaching with Katie O. Selvidge of Cottage Hill Magazine | katieoselvidge.com

My Philosophy

I have been in your shoes Googling all the dumb questions and stalking those I admired trying to figure out what they had and I didn't. Then had one of those I admired tell me I wasn't 'enough.' I chased the comparison game down the rabbit hole of the Instagram scroll hoping I'd see the pattern of what I was lacking. Only to realize, everyone is faking it.

After a rough first year as an entrepreneur I decided two things:

1) I was going to go my own way and pursue my life's most honest work, no matter what; and

2) I was going to do my best to never let any entrepreneur feel as helpless and lonely as I did. I would pay it forward somehow.

In my second year of business we doubled in following and sales. 

The next year, we doubled in following again and doubled our sales again. And it's been a controlled, steady growth since.

I found incredible success not by striving, spinning my wheels and signing up for every webinar there is.

I found success simply by pursuing my life's most honest work.


What if pursuing your life's most honest work led to your success? 

Doesn't that sound nice? Well, it's possible.

I want to save you the mistakes, the worrying, the lost investments and wasted time I spent so that you can find your true definition of success and create with joy, not comparison.

Instead, I want to show you how we doubled our following and sales—and how simple it really can be. From working through the hard heart issues, reprogramming mindset to the exact strategies I use, I share it all!

But it's not about carbon copying my path for you own. It's about doing the hard, introspective work. You have to do that work. I can only guide you through it. But I promise, it will be completely worth it.

Psychologist and Flow Expert Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says,

“A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe.”

I believe the same applies to cultivating a joyful creative business.

There is not one recipe that can be applied to all.


What You Can Expect From Our Time Together

Each client is different, so every client's experience is different. I pay attention to each client's needs and coach according to their personality, work style and goals. Contact me below for more practical details.

However, there are a few constants you will find in all of my sessions:

Honesty: I am always honest. My goal is to see you succeed, so it would be a disservice to us both if I weren't honest. My goal is to help you see the truth in your business and work so we can improve what needs fixing and celebrate what is doing well. 

Homework: You will always have homework. I value our session time, so to be most efficient, I always have homework for you to do on your own so that you arrive to each session prepared and ready to take full advantage of our time together.

Heartfelt Leadership: I really love my clients. I do. It's not just something to say. It gives me incredible joy to see clients get out of debt, break through creative droughts, double their income in just two months of working with me, book a dream client, finally afford that family vacation, get their time back—all of it. 


Kind Words

1:1 Coaching with Katie O. Selvidge | katieoselvidge.com

Meet Laura

Creative Director of Laura Kathryn, Founder of Whitespace Magazine

Katie continues to treat my business with as much care and wisdom as she does her own. She has helped me take a tiny seed of an idea and pointed me in the direction to make it a reality. Her publishing and editing experience and guidance has helped me not only launch a magazine, but a new business that honors my truth and uses my gifts to serve.

Katie has totally changed my perspective on life visioning. I now approach goal-setting in a completely new way by focusing on how I want to feel, instead of what I want to achieve. Over the past year, with the help of Katie's incredible Assured + Well process (and many other exercises that I haven't seen anywhere else!) I've been able to clearly identify the life I want to live, the legacy I want to leave and what success looks like in my business. I'm forever grateful!

If you are looking for someone to be in your corner, someone to challenge you, someone to cheer you on, and someone to be a wise sounding board for your life and work, Katie is your girl. She is hands down the best investment I've made in my five years of being a creative entrepreneur. I can honestly say without the accountability of our sessions together, I would not have taken action on creating a magazine this year and would still be dreaming about it. If you have something special you really want to make happen, I highly recommend hiring Katie! Beware: she will make you make that something special happen.

1:1 Creative Business Coaching with Katie O. Selvidge of Cottage Hill Magazine | katieoselvidge.com

Meet Paige

Attorney for Creatives

Katie has helped my business in more ways than I can express. She not only taught me actionable steps on how to propel my business forward, but more importantly, she taught me how to be intentional in every aspect of my business. Her advice and coaching became the cornerstone of my business. Not only did this help me get my business started on sound footing, but it made me confident in the direction that my business is growing. I am convinced that working with Katie has been the best investment I made in my business.

Katie provides more than just generalized business advice. Through her coaching, she teaches you how to dig deep and get to the root of your intention behind your business. She helps you consider the "why" behind each business decision that you make, and by doing so, she helps you build the direction of your business with thoughtful intention. When you want to take your business in a new direction or prepare for growth, Katie will help you discover which intentional steps to take to succeed.

Katie's training for my business impacted my life on a personal level. By training me to think intentionally and to consider the "why" behind my decisions, I have seen this line of thinking influence how I make personal decisions as well. In a time of great change in my life, it has given me so much clarity both personally and in my business. Her kindness, insight, and direction have helped me grow my business with intention, and I am so thankful for her influence!

1:1 Creative Business Coaching with Katie O. Selvidge of Cottage Hill Magazine | katieoselvidge.com

Meet Kacey

Kacey Gilpin Photography, Kindred Photography Workshops

Katie is the perfect coach. She's encouraging, experienced, relatable, and insightful. She is extremely efficient with her time (and yours), and is always discernible about business, consumers, and people.

Katie provided insights not only for business and marketing, but also personal encouragement. She is not just interested in your time and money, but has an interest in who you are as a person, why you are doing what you're doing, and how she can use what she knows to help you succeed.

After time with Katie, I have streamlined both my business marketing on social media, decreasing the time I spend with my content, and increasing my engagement. In a few short weeks I was able to raise my pricing and book more clients. I was also able to move forward with a new business plan in a way that I could never have conceived of on my own. Katie's expertise in this area were invaluable.

1:1 Creative Business Coaching with Katie O. Selvidge of Cottage Hill Magazine | katieoselvidge.com

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Abbitt, Styling

I was desiring to dig deep; to work through my inner struggles when it came to my business because I was feeling quite lost. Katie helped me venture into places I had no idea were affecting me and my business. She related and challenged me in a way that was so unique to who I am as a person, and for that, I am forever grateful. I can say with confidence that she is, hands down, the best investment I have made and will ever make in my business.

I now have strategies to include in my daily routine that will keep me grounded and focused on what truly matters for me, my family, and my business. I also have a direction to move forward that will allow me to discover who I am and run my business unapologetically. I am able to discover more of my true self outside of all the noise!

She will provide you with encouragement to chase your dreams, to be accepting of the type of person you are, and to work at what is right for you. Katie exudes class- she is refreshing, enlightening, honest, empathetic, relational, and so much more. If you need direction, to be reminded of a deeper purpose, or practical, life-giving steps to create work that is true to you- Katie is exactly who you need!

1:1 Creative Business Coaching with Katie O. Selvidge of Cottage Hill Magazine | katieoselvidge.com

I'll Be Honest

There is a lot of noise out there.

And all that noise has created a fog of confusion. Very few people are sure of what they want, how to get what they want, how they want to feel and what success actually looks like to them—not according to strangers on the internet.

This is where I come in. My gift is helping others uncover their truth, develop a profitable plan that quickly guides them to their definition of success and provide honest, yet encouraging, accountability along the way.

You are the hero of your own journey. I'm here to be your guide, to set you on that journey.

And guess what? It's going to be a fun one!

Are You Ready?

If you're ready to get honest

about your desires,

create a clear plan

to achieve your goals,

get more time,

make more money,

be more creatively fulfilled

...then we should work together.

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