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We have a serious problem. Creative entrepreneurs are not living the life they imagined. It started as a dream to make real money doing what you love or to create your own schedule so you can have more time for your family, or maybe even to pursue a bigger creative goal, right? Now, it has become an overwhelming, confusing, up-hill daily battle leading to burn out, boredom or perhaps a broken spirit. Do you feel it?

But, here's the thing: You don't have to keep going that direction. You can go your own way. No more through-the-night work sacrificing your health and time with family. I'm here to show you how it is possible. As a Business Editor™ I can help you edit and refine your business to fit the life you desire, not the other way around. So it's not about doing more, and it's not about doing less. It's about doing well.

Hi, I'm Katie.

Founder of Cottage Hill™ & Business Editor™ to Discerning Creatives

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The Creative Money Course

Learn how to make consistent income and manage your money well. Being a creative is not a setback, but a superpower to understanding and managing your finances well. You just need someone to not talk down to you, but who understands your language so you can be a self-sufficient pro and making and managing money. Really, it's simple. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to understand fact, I'm giving you all the tools for free!

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In this Free Comprehensive training you will learn:

Money Mindset

Money Management

Money Development

· Discover your core desires,
· Define your definition of success,
· And what your true financial goals are.

· Uncover the true state of your finances,
· Your financial needs & budget plan,
· And, the basics of pricing strategy.

· Why you need to diversify your income,
· How to make wise investments,
· And, my personal professional resources.

Courses & Professional Programs

Free Resources

1:1 & Team Consulting

Ways to Work With Me

Work directly with me to construct or refine your business model into something life-giving for you, or your team, that actually pays the bills—and then some—and affords you to create really fulfilling work and find the margin to pursue greater things.

Freebies that will make a difference in your business. I know my worth, but I don't teach for the money—this is my side hustle. I genuinely love the creative community and want to see it thrive. So I've put together some of the most common questions I get into helpful tools, free for you!

The next best thing to working 1:1 with me. These courses and programs are for discerning creative who want a no-fluff, content-rich and results-driven education opportunity that helps them with their professional and creative growth.

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I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs simplify their business & make real money so they can move on to greater things—in work & life.
In these paragraphs share your name and try to emotionally connect with the visitor, maybe tell a small story, tell them how you started or struggled, how you overcame it and succeeded. Remember, don’t talk too much about yourself, but about them too! 

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Laura Kashner
Owner of WhitespacE Magazine

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Client Success Story

“Working with Katie has been Hands-Down the best investment for my business.”

Jenna Kutcher
Goal Digger Podcast

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Kind Words

“Katie is an exceptional leader who helps people get back to the heart of why they are doing what they are doing.”

Cottage Hill Contributor

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Professional Review

“Katie is one of the Wisest People I know, and something else.”


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