Photograph by  Monica Burgess

My Story

You Can Go Your Own Way

Before Cottage Hill, the speaking and teaching—I was a ballerina and choreographer. So much of what I learned as a professional in the performing arts is what makes my role as an editor, as well as my coaching and teaching methods, proprietary and effective.

I know how to accomplish the big, impossible goals, but I also know how to sustain creative wellness. I offer a holistic approach to being a disciplined artist and discerning business owner. 

There is not a one size fits all way to success.
Whether you identify as a hustling #bosslady or a minimalist mompreneur, your path is your own. And, it doesn't need to be as dramatic and difficult as you think.

I've helped clients get out of debt in less than a year (up to $53k for a single client), double their income in less than two months of working with me (up to $40k in profit...not revenue, profit), finally be able to afford that family vacation or dream home and find real creative fulfillment. 

And I've had a steady stream of clients the past two years without marketing myself. How? My clients stay with me or refer me to their friends as their 'best kept secret.'

There's a reason my signature program Editor's Course consistently sells out every year. There's a reason I get asked back to every workshop I attend as a speaker or leader. It's because I genuinely care, and my work—and my clients' success—speaks for itself.

Your business can be simple. Your work can be life-giving.

And I'd love to show you how that can be true for you.

Life on Selvidge Farm

My Real Life

Most mornings you can find me barefoot watering the rosemary or cleaning the chicken coop with my daughter Hadley and our yellow lab pup Savannah.

I love working in my studio, talking creativity and projects with clients and collaborators locally and from across the globe—both for Cottage Hill and as a coach.

But best of all, ending the day walking our 80 acres with my husband Nate. Watching the sun set and hummingbirds zoom by with him, reminds me of what matters most. 

Real beauty is found in truth.
And truth is found when we get out of the way of our art and pay attention to the stories around us.

I'll be sharing more about our farm journey on my Instagram and eventually on

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