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You Were Meant for More

I help overwhelmed creatives simplify their business so they can move on to greater things — personally & professionally.

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Feel Secure in Your Finances

Managing money well is not scary, and there’s no big secret on how to do it. Get confident in setting and achieving your financial goals.


Book Consistent & Fulfilling Work

Take the guessing game out of creating a reliable and simple marketing plan so you can attract your ideal clients, consistently.


Gain Industry Respect

Whether we admit it or not, we all want to be respected by our peers. Learn how to authentically network and build a strong community.

Stop wasting your time

The moment you feel like you’ve made it, like your business has catched

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Katie O. Selvidge is the founder and owner of Cottage Hill and co-founder and co-owner of Cottage Hill Ranch with her husband Nate. Through all of her work, she firmly believes in creating a life more beautiful than your brand.

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Read the Blog

Behind the scenes stories of life on the ranch while managing multiple businesses and family.

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Work with Me

Alongside my publishing business, I also enjoy providing select consulting, speaking and writing services.

Contact me for service and press inquiries.

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The Creative Well is the call-in podcast show covering the hard and heart issues of running a creative business. 

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