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Create a Valuable Experience

As workshops and retreats become more and more ubiquitous, creating a truly valuable experience has also become a challenge for its leaders. Now more than ever, the creative entrepreneur is more discerning in their search for a workshop that provides them with the specific education they seek, a real sense of community, true take-away information and also, an experience that they cannot find anywhere else.

Filling your speaker roster with industry leaders who aren't just relevant and successful, but are also good teachers and can help lift the entire experience to a higher level can be a challenge. I get it.

Having spoken at numerous events, some of my favorite moments have been with attendees outside of my presentation. And, I think, that's one of the things that I love most about speaking—the one-on-one time with the attendees, pouring into them, helping them navigate this crazy journey. 


What Attendees Say

"I felt like Assured + Well helped me determine what I want my life to be marked by. This gave me some freedom in business, meaning my life doesn't have to be marked by my business. I could shut it down if I wanted and still be successful and pursuing the things I desire." - Meredith Speer, floral designer


"Eye-opening, really focusing on the why, earth-shattering, scary, enlightening, and exhilarating. It helped me think about how I can really get back to what I am best at and let go of the things that were holding me down or causing anxiety."- Jenna Kutcher, photographer

"Absolutely incredible. Katie's poignant questions and insightful format of the session lead to some truly heartfelt discoveries that made all the difference in the way I approach my work!"- Bonnie Bakhtiari, brand designer and retreat founder


"Absolutely wonderful and amazing. It was also exhausting both mentally and emotionally but has stuck with me since. Katie really pushed to the deep spots that resulted in truth and clarity. Thank you. You spoke to my soul." - Ashley Takacs, jewelry designer

Katie O. Selvidge teaching at Camp Wandawega | katieoselvidge.com

What I Teach

With every speaking engagement, I work closely with the event leaders to create a presentation that best suits their attendees' needs. This means adjusting my topics and the depth of my topics according to the audience. I never give a 'blanket' presentation, just like I'm not a fan of blanket advice. I pull from two major ideas, listed below, to create a unique experience for each workshop, even for reoccurring workshops. These two ideas provide the foundation to other topics including, but not limited to, creating original work, getting published, social media strategy and developing a profitable business model.

The Assured Exercises

These exercises are designed for two people: the brand-new entrepreneur or, the burned out entrepreneur. What do these two have in common? They are in over their head, dog-paddling and spinning their wheels to figure out the problem. The exercises provide insight into what exactly is holding them back, clarity on what to do moving forward and action steps to catch momentum out of the overwhelm they're in.

The Creative Well

This is an in-depth look at the creative process to help your attendees pinpoint just what isn't working, why and how to correct it—immediately. Based on scientific research, I explain how the creative mind words, basic principles of the neurochemical process of creativity and how to never hit a creative block but continuously improve on the problem-solving skills needed to become the best thriving artist you can be.


More Kind Words

"Katie’s voice brings clarity and calm to those who have been swept up in the creative industry whirlwind. Whether you are in the beginning stages of overwhelm or have found yourself a slave to your work, her commitment to operate solely from her own deep-rooted truth will inspire you and help you find your own. "- Bethany Fray, gathering designer


"Assured + Well helped ME in my business, which has greatly helped my business. Since attending, I've simplified, streamlined and clarified areas of my business that were providing me stress and unhappiness. It also helped me fall back in love with the work that I do, and identify what my true joy is - rather than the way I'm currently expressing it." - Irene Hardy, creative director

"It was a truly wonderful, eye-opening presentation that allows you to look deep into your heart, your vision and your why. I honestly loved it so, so much." - Katherine Schmoyer, wedding designer and conference host


"Katie has a unique ability to craft questions on the spot to help the attendees reach deeper than the surface of what we do and begin to tap into the why of everything we do...(this) will help me make realistic decisions and goals to move forward with my business." - Kelbert McFarland, photographer

“You were my favorite speaker...I wish you had had more time!”


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Jenna Kutcher & Katie O. Selvidge at Camp Wandawega | katieoselvidge.com

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