How to Price Yourself as a High-Value Speaker


Episode 001 of The Creative Well Podcast

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Welcome to the very first episode of The Creative Well podcast.

In today’s episode I am answering our very first call-in question from Jessica Zimmerman of Zimmerman Events and in my answer I’ll be explaining how to price yourself as a speaker. I'm sharing my four-step process I use to price myself for every speaking engagement request I receive. But before we dive into numbers,  I'm taking a few steps back to help you create a high-value presentation and be clear on your needs so your pricing process is easy.

Let’s get started with Episode 001 of The Creative Well podcast!

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Q: How do I price myself as a high-value speaker?

A: You must value your work, provide a high-value presentation, be clear about your financial and logistical needs with the event team.

How to Create a High-Value Presentation

Part One: Content

  • Teach what you know.
  • Teach what you have experience in.
  • Teach only on subjects you are passionate about.
  • Teach concepts that are high-value to the particular audience.

Part Two: Style

  • Provide a learning method that will be effective for this specific audience.
  • Provide more than one method of learning in your presentation.
  • Share in a way that is comfortable to you.
  • Imagine you aren't the speaker, but the host.

A reminder when you get nervous before speaking:

No one cares about you. Yep. They are more concerned about their outfit, what everyone else is thinking of them and what clever thing to say if you call on them. Instead of trying to impress them, serve them.

How to Define & Find Your Audience

  • Share now, anywhere.
    • This allows you to practice and see who is attracted to your message. Is it really helping them?
  • Teach for free with friends or locals.
    • Real live feedback and practice will help you identify who you serve best.

The Art & Science of Your Pricing Fee

  • Know your costs.
  • Define your needs.
  • Adjust per experience.
  • Define your expectations.

The most important point of all:

How can we—the event coordinators and I—, together, help the attendees learn or achieve what they need in the most effective and sustainable way for us all?

When you put them first by providing quality content, taking care of yourself financially and physically and working with the event coordinators more like a team and less like an income source, I promise you will have an incredible speaking experience. That is when you become of high-value.


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