Why I Deleted My Instagram Account


Episode 005 of The Creative Well Podcast

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How to Truly ‘Master’ Social Media

In today’s episode I’m talking about how to have real influence, make decisions in your business that may seem unpopular but feel right and how to truly master your mental health and perspective in regards social media.

How? By sharing the story of how I deleted my Instagram account and about 10,000 followers back in 2015.

Not many people know this story because I haven’t shared it publicly. So why am I sharing it now? I think we’re at a point with Instagram where we are getting bored. In fact, I did some extensive research last year and found out that it’s not the algorithms or constant updates that is really pushing people away from the platform. We’re all just getting bored.

I think if I had shared this story a year or so ago people wouldn’t have understood because I think we were all much more emotionally tied to the platform pre-algorithm shift from chronological to whatever the heck they’re doing now.

Because we’re not so emotionally attached, and I’ll be talking about why that is a good thing, I think we’re ready to come back to or consider the platform, all social media platforms, as what it was always meant to be—a tiny glimpse into our lives, our businesses our personality, not the definition of those things.

Today I’ll be sharing my Instagram story, early truths about Instagram I fortunately learned that allowed me to have a less emotional approach to it all, why I deleted my account as opposed to just taking a break, why I think it was a good and bad idea, some best practices that you can use from my lessons learned and how to approach the platform in a positive and productive way.

So much to talk about, I cannot wait to get this conversation going with you!

Let’s dive into Episode 005 of The Creative Well podcast!

© Katie O. Selvidge, LLC | Why I Deleted My Instagram Account


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